Quick Treat: If you don’t like chicken then something is wrong with you

I say that tongue in cheek because I know a few people who don’t like chicken (without mentioning any names – my cousin and my neighbour). So if you are one of these rare chicken haters than the half chicken that you get from the Brisbane Hotel’s roast and red night is to be avoided. But if you are a chicken lover like me then the huge chicken and vegetable offering plus a glass of house red is a marriage made in heaven. For $25 what a great deal in the notoriously expensive Perth. The meal came out quickly to our delight as we were starving. The chicken was plump and juicy and the vegetables did the job, in particular the sweet carrots and roast potatoes were a favourite of mine. The gravy was lacklustre and didn’t really add any flavour to the meal so out came the cracked pepper for a bit of kick. Overall, if you have had a hard (or easy) day at work and feel too lazy to cook then the Tuesday roast and red special at the Brisbane is a brilliant back up for winter food comforts without the hassle.

I feel like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight!

The Brisbane Hotel on Urbanspoon

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