Quick Treat: It’s time for a cheap and cheerful

I love sushi but I know someone who loves sushi more…my sister Suzy. So on our weekend excursions I have taken her to all my favourite brunch spots like Sayers and Tuckshop but she finally admitted to me that all this time she wanted sushi. Now she didn’t tell me this, no words were exchanged but the reaction on her face while she ate her California Roll said it all to me. Suzy has gluten intolerance so Japanese is a convenient and safe option for her. You just avoid the sauces and the traditional teriyaki chicken fare. Instead you dine on sashimi and sushi with mainly seafood fillings. This time we ventured to my old faithful for Japanese, Taka’s Kitchen where I frequented often as a uni student while working at Myer in the city. For under $10 you will be satisfied. Suzy ordered the large sushi plate, see the photo below, which we probably could have shared. For $11.80 you get a great range of sushi and sashimi so you don’t get bored with the variety. I ordered the teriyaki chicken udon noodles, which were disappointing as most of the chicken was fatty and not enjoyable. Food envy struck again. I probably finished half my bowl before I got sick of the broth and eating udon noodles by itself was no longer satisfying. Thankfully, Suzy was happy to share. I also have to mention the delicious seaweed salad for $1.50 I felt healthier already. If you are looking for simple Japanese fare that won’t break the bank you can’t go past Taka’s. A special mention to the complimentary green tea and all its antioxidant goodness. My understanding of Japanese food continues to grow as I keep treating. In a future blog I will discuss the fine dining Japanese in Perth a la Nobu and Shiro. I’m hoping one day to try teppinyaki…mainly because the word is awesome to say and because of an episode on How I Met your Mother when Barney gets the ducky tie. Till next treat sayounara.


Taka Japanese Cuisine Shafto Lane on Urbanspoon

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