Treat 23: C’est la vie

I have put spoilers throughout my treating about this French Revolution taking over Perth. In the last year we have seen the birth of the following French restaurants:
o P’tite Ardoise in Highgate
o Petite Mort in Shenton Park
o La Brasserie De Paris in Subiaco
o Bistro des Artiste in Subiaco
o Le Poisson D’or in Fremantle

Unfortunately the wallet hasn’t stretched far and I have only visited the first on this ever expanding list. The first time I went I was so impressed with how French everything was. From the décor, to the service, to having acclaimed French chef Alain Fabrègues from the Loose Box dining behind me made me think I was in a tiny bistro in Paris lost in the Latin Quarter. On that occasion I had the twice cooked duck leg with vegetable tian and orange sauce. The duck meat fell of the bone and was heavenly to eat. The accompanying vegetables or legumes as the French would say helped break the richness. I decided to finish this meal with another traditional French touch, creme brulee. It had a good amount of cracking, I love that sound. Since then I have been waiting for an excuse to go back and was very happy when my friend Kirsty chose to have her birthday celebrations at P’tite Ardoise. Coincidentally, this time last year we were actually dining in the Eiffel Tower (see Treat #2). All winter I had been craving the comfort of a beef bourguignon and boy was I excited to see a blackboard outside with those two words on it. For once in my life I was decisive. As our group of ten was packed into a small area with another group of ten you definitely felt the sardines’ effect. This wasn’t all that pleasant for the claustrophobic amongst the group. P’tite Ardois is BYO so we had about 5 bottles of wine scattered around the table. Warning when you get the final bill not to be shocked like we were, there is corkage of $10 per bottle. So that was an extra $50 slapped on our bill. Our sitting was at the respectable French time of 8.30 and by the time we left it was midnight. The French would be proud of our efforts. Ok finally to the food, another warning don’t fill up on the bread that gets passed around. Don’t go crazy like I do and dip roll after roll in the delicious olive tapenade. Don’t worry about me though I still left room for mains and dessert. My beef bourguignon came out nice and hot in a beautiful copper pot. I was beyond excited. I have spoken about the beef bourguignon in Versailles from this tiny bistro with narrow wonky stairs where I first fell in love with this dish (see Treat #1). I still haven’t found anything to match it and unfortunately P’tite Ardoise failed to hit the mark. It was too salty for me and I know the root of the problem was the bacon pieces. So I barely made a dent in this because the saltiness, mixed with the wine and all the bread from before was much of a muchness. However, dessert saved the day and the chocolate tart I shared with the birthday girl hit the spot. The search for the best beef bourguignon continues, oh what a shame (not sure if you can read sarcasm) I’ll have to keep treating to find it. Overall, I still love the ambience, service and the food despite my salty beef bourguignon because P’tite Ardoise takes me on a journey back to the streets of Paris as I get off the metro at Saint-Michel and find a place to eat in the Latin Quarter. Plus the lollies you get at the end means you always leave P’tite Ardoise with a smile on your face.


Cuisse de Canard a l’orange et son tian de legumes – do you have any idea what that means? Please let me translate – it is a twice cooked Duck Leg with vegetable tian, orange sauce. Don’t ask me what a tian is – google it.

Looks can be deceiving…it looks inviting but it was too salty for my palate.

The creme brulee is delicious with the right amount of crack (one of the sugar kind). How cute is the Eiffel Tower shortbread? Tre magnifique!

The perfect remedy to a salty dish…chocolate.

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One response to “Treat 23: C’est la vie

  1. I don’t get the hype about Le Poisson d’Or – I went once and it was Le Poisson d’Awful. Maybe I caught them on a bad night?

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