Quick Treat: It is what it is

We have been saying it is what it is a lot at work lately. It’s one of those sayings I pick up along with ‘you don’t want war and peace’ and ‘done and dusted’. So what is what it is? Siena’s Leederville on a Wednesday night where without a booking you wait 20ish minutes for a table. The food is mediocre at best but for $12.90 for a main on the specials night you really can’t complain. My dining companions were starving marvins and their plates were scraped clean so the pasta can’t be all that bad. One ordered spaghetti and meatballs and we couldn’t control ourselves we had to sing ‘on top of spaghetti, all covered in cheese, I lost my poor meatball when somebody sneezed…’ I could go on but I won’t because I actually don’t remember all the words except the final line ‘my meatball was all mush’. I ordered the cannelloni, which I have had before and besides one hard bit (uncooked pasta) the dish was perfectly edible. I couldn’t finish it all (secretly I was saving room for dessert). The great thing about Leederville is the abundance of dessert options and though Perth is yet to get the hug mug brilliance of Max Brenners I love my chocolate too much to be without. San Churros has a soft place in my heart, when my USA friend Lara visited she got to go three times in a week (she had no choice I was driving). My Sydney friends are not so impressed with San Churros but then they have Max Brenners. I was reunited with my true love peanut butter stirred into my hot chocolate. I was a bit of a greedy guts and also shared churros leaving me with a massive sugar high. Overall a night out in Leederville without venturing into Seedy Leedy involves carbo loading (pasta or pizza at Sienas) plus enjoying the highs of sugar (San Churros) is always a good time.


It does the job (feeds the hungry)


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