Quick Treat: In West Philadelphia born and raised on the playground where I spent most of my days chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool, eating Reuben sandwiches with pickles so good.

Sorry for the lame title but I couldn’t help myself. The first time I had a Reuben sandwich was in Philadelphia and it was delicious. Whoever thought of 50 layers of corned beef with swiss cheese, mustard and sauerkraut between rye (I’m guessing a guy named Reuben) and putting a pickle on the side…sheer genius. If you are ever in the Philly area and are hungry after climbing all those stairs Rocky style and doing jump shots at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (like me) then head over to the Reading Terminal Market and get yourself a Reuben sandwich from Hershels East Side Deli. The amount of corned beef in that sandwich was bigger than my face. If you are nowhere near Philly and in little old Perth then go to Five Bar instead. Coincidentally, I was with my Philly travel buddy Kristen and to calm down our slight hunger pains we shared their version of the Reuben sandwich. The nicely toasted rye had a good level of corned beef and mustard, generous for Perth but not as bulky as the one we had from Hershels. As I am not travelling at the moment, it’s nice to reminisce and go back to those treating memories and make some new ones.


I am the eye of the tiger! (as you get to know me you will start to notice my love of jump shots. It helps wake up the appetite)

The famous Rocky stairs…it’s actually the Philadelphia Art Museum (or something like that). Can’t say we actually went in as we were too puffed from the stairs.

After testing out my Rocky stair climbing abilities this sandwich hit the spot.

Corned beef and pickles will always remind me of treating in Philly. The Five Bar version of the Reuben sandwich hits the spot.

Five Bar on Urbanspoon

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