Treat 25: Rock the Casbah

This treat takes you to a far and distant land…Fremantle to test out a Moroccan/Middle Eastern style restaurant, Kaza Blanca Grill. This was another discount voucher, for $20 you get a glass of house wine, entree and main. In celebration of the mezze style of eating we shared all the entrees and mains…there was a lot of food. I did not have high expectations for this meal, I never do for Middle Eastern restaurants. If you lived with my mum you would know why. Her hummus is famous with friends, family and at my work. For entrees we had the mixed dips, it is essential to do the hummus test. I found this hummus lacked the garlic I’m used to and it was ok as in edible but look I have high standards and it was never going to impress me. I was happy to munch away at the olives. The manager kindly offered us a complimentary tabbouleh, which actually was not bad at all. I know I should be less cynical but you have to understand Perth has minimal middle eastern food and compared to Sydney or Melbourne dining establishments it doesn’t always make the grade. If you were to blame anyone, blame my mum for giving me these high expectations. Here is the menu of items for the night:

-Mixed dip platter with hot bread, olives and pickles
-Dolmar (my family calls them warak inab) – vine leaves stuffed with rice and mince.
-Malfouf (one of my absolute favourite Lebanese dishes) – cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and mince

-Beef Tajin Royal – slow cooked beef topped with dates and banana
-Kazah Mussels Tajine – chilli mussels in a spicy tomato charmoula served with bread
-Mixed grill – chicken shaslick, lamb shaslick, mergez sausage and morrocan kefta served with Kaza Salad, couscous and garlic sauce.
-Black Fez (eggplant tajine) – crumbed eggplant on fried potato with couscous and stuffed tomatoes topped with tomato charmoula.

The vine leaves seemed to be of the canned variety, it had that very lemony preserved taste. The cabbage rolls (malfouf) seemed fresher and the meat and rice stuffing was generous. To be honest we would have been satisfied with the entrees but we still had mains to go. I will give Kaza Blanca this, there serving sizes are almost of american proportion. The beef tajin royal was by far my favourite. The tender chunks of beef with the sweet bursts of dates and banana was such a pleasure to eat. A party in the mouth dish. The eggplant tajine was like a morrocan take of an eggplant parmigiana. The eggplant was huge but the crumbing was cardboard flavoured and overall dry. Where was the sauce? The mussels were probably not the freshest from the sea, tiny sized meat from the shells but it still had a nice kick of spice in it to compensate. Lesson learnt I probably wouldn’t order seafood from here. Stick to the meats and chicken especially the mixed grill, which is a meatlovers heaven on a plate. From the photo you can see there was a lot on the plate. The chicken was nice and moist and the beef also had great flavour but the sauces did help break the meatiness. For 4 people there was a lot of food. Next time I go (if there is a next time) I would go on a Friday or Saturday night when there is belly dancing to add to the atmosphere and I would be going more for the experience then the food. I know this treat has a lot of negitude in my tone (I am imagining you can hear my voice when you read this) but I still recommend dining at Kaza Blanca. The food offerings are huge so be careful not to over order. If you love chicken and beef you can’t go wrong at Kaza Grill. Two of my friends from this treat actually went back with a group of ten and said it was a great night out and value for money. If you do find yourself in the Fremantle area and want to try something different please give Kaza Blanca a go and ignore my negitude.


The more the merrier…dips, olives and tabouli.

We love our bread, we love our hummus, but most of all we love each other. (I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself I love Madeline)

Cabbage rolls…not the way mamma makes them.

VIne leaves/dolmars/dolmades/whatever you call them they are delicious when they are fresh.

Kaza Blanca Grill on Urbanspoon

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