Quick Treat: Curbing the fourth meal hunger

So here is another cheap and cheerful especially for those who get hungry at non-dinner times. On this balmy wintery night (it wasn’t too windy or rainy) we went for a drink at the Brisbane Hotel. Get the joke – Brisbane and balmy. No? It must have gone over your heads. I won’t bore you with my other Brisbane joke then. So we had our drinks and then at 10pm one of us cracked saying they were hungry. Then the rest of us were in chorus that we didn’t have a proper dinner and were getting the munchies. Why would we do this to ourselves? 10pm on a Saturday night we wanted food in Perth! It would be easier to win lotto with the exception of Asian cuisine or hipster food at The Moon Café both located conveniently in the party district of Northbridge. Tonight we were craving something from China town, in particular my friend Kristen recommended Hawkers Inn (real name Hawkers Cuisine but Kristen has christened it Hawkers Inn and the name has stuck with me). I ordered the Chicken Ho-Fun with my share buddy Rochelle. It is very handy to have a share buddy at times like this when you are not confident in your ability to finish a meal. In a way I’m saving the world by not wasting food. I was first introduced to Chicken Ho-Fun in my first year of uni and yes I had an immature giggle at the time (I still laugh when I order it). I love the egg white sauce and I have never been disappointed by any of the China town establishments including Hawkers Cuisine, Billy Lees and my personal favourite Singapore China. I usually have the egg white sauce over crispy noodles, which makes them all soft and delicious. I was also ordering this wrong calling it Kway Teow but pronouncing it koo-ey too-ey when this is actually a completely different dish. So I have learnt my lesson and now ask for combination crispy noodles with egg sauce. These dishes are shareable so for the price you pay you get fantastic value. All the dishes were $12.90 and I was completely full after sharing the Chicken Ho-Fun. One of my friends who didn’t share was so hungry that she planned on demolishing their dish but it was a disappointing effort. If that’s demolishing, they barely made a dent on the roof. In her defence she did drink a Kopi (Malaysian coffee) prior to her meal. Now Kopi was new to me and I learnt that this style of coffee involves pouring boiling water through grounds held in a cloth “sock” filter with its strong and bitter taste mellowed by sweetened condensed milk (yes I googled it). I don’t like drinking coffee at night so I didnt get a chance to try it but it’s on my to do list. Overall Hawkers Inn (thanks Kristen for ruining the name for me) is a brilliant cheap and cheerful and will curb that fourth meal hunger (I stole that from a Taco Bell marketing campaign – it’s that meal after a night out) as it’s open till 3am. I’ll have to eat a couple more times at Hawkers though for it to claim title as my favourite restaurant in China Town. At the moment that title deservedly belongs to Singapore China mainly for its cool name and kooey tooey (which we now know is not the real Kway Teo – see above). When you tell people you are going there they think you are really treating except you are eating without the travelling but don’t get bogged down in technicalities. That gives me an idea…watch this space for a treat off between Hawkers Inn and Singapore China. I’m hungry just thinking about it!


This is so fun to order and that egg white sauce is delicious.

Kopi in a cool mug

Hawker's Cuisine on Urbanspoon

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