Treat 28: Ghetto Superstar that is not what you are

It is time to give kudos where kudos is due and that is to William Street in Northbridge for embracing a laneaway culture similar to Melbourne. Walk down William there is now an abundance of retro stores, new small bars like Mechanic Institute, burger joints like Flipside and Jus Burgers taking up residence and for those with a sweet tooth there is now Superstar Waffles. Now I love waffles, it’s been awhile but back in my uni days you would find me on a Tuesday at Gelare for half-price waffle day. I wouldn’t even skimp for the small, I would get the large waffle with cookie dough ice cream. It’s exciting to see the smaller guy, the David to Gelare’s Goliath take battle in the war of the waffle. The flavour combinations on the Superstar Waffle menu is very extensive. As always the peanut butter option won me over. Imagine a waffle topped with peanut butter mousse, Oreo crumble and a Oreo biscuit to top it off. As always I had my share buddy Rochelle to help me polish this sweet decadent waffle off. My favourite part of the dish was the peanut butter mousse, I wish there was more of it. In terms of peanut butter desserts for 2012, this would be nominated but it would not have won the category. I think what let it down is the actual waffle. I blame Gelare for the soft buttery waffle that I know and love. The couple we were dining with ordered the Berrylicious, which was plated like a deconstructed crumble with its berry compote, oats topping and cream. Berrylicious was not so delicious and I think we had a little food envy from them. I have been critical about Superstar Waffle but when you give yourself such a name you better perform otherwise it’s false advertising. On my first treat to Superstar Waffle it did not live up to its name BUT that’s not to say I won’t go back there. For Gelare has disappointed me at times but I still go back there plus I am a sucker for the little guy, which explains why I’m a big fan of Captain America. At the end of the day it’s the little guys that are making Northbridge stand its ground, bringing diversity and an abundance of hipster coolness to what is normally a seedy scary part of town. Props to the cafe next door, Love thy Neighbour for an excellent Toby’s Estate coffee that I also had that day and to the shop across from it that had a DJ playing fantastic tunes including a Coolio favourite of mine, Gangsters Paradise. There is a lot to love about this laneaway off William Street. Another shining light about Superstar Waffles is that if you get a late night sugar craving then it’s late night opening hours are just for you. Superstar Waffles I will be back…next time I hope you live up to your reputation and namesake.


Focus on the right hand side for the peanut butter mousse.

Superstar Waffles on Urbanspoon

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