Treat 29: Voyaging into the unknown

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping…can you smell that…Spring is in the air! To celebrate the warm weather over the weekend I decided to venture to a new brunch place. I was living on the edge. I can’t believe I have never been to Voyage Kitchen in Sorrento before. This newly renovated café stands out from the rest of the brunch pack because of it’s space and coastal views. As much as I love Sayers, Mrs S and Tuck Shop, a drawback is their confined spaces. You will be happy to hear that this sense of claustrophobia is not shared at Voyager. Now there’s a funny story about the location because about 12 years ago my mum’s number plates were stolen after a dinner at the Fratelli Italian Restaurant upstairs. Mind you the number plates were hot property being 1AFL. The replacement plates 1BBZ are just not the same. After that random tangent let’s go back to this trip to Sorrento. On this warm Spring day it was smoothie and juice weather instead of coffee. It’s a shame because I would have liked to try their custom Five Sense blend. That’s ok another reason to go back. My sister ordered a banana smoothie made with greek yoghurt, which you could add nutritious superfoods like maca and chia seeds. I was in a daring mood and asked for maca because lately I have been hearing about its energy benefits, however it depends what website you go to. Yes I am one of those people who google their symptoms to find natural remedies and maca root is my latest discovery. Staying on the healthy theme I ordered a beetroot, carrot and ginger juice, which refreshingly hit the spot. So besides these adventurous drink choices what does Voyage have to offer from the kitchen? I chose Norma’s Salsa, which included poached eggs, spinach, marinated feta, roasted truss tomatoes on toasted ciabatta. This was absolutely delicious but the very generous serve made it a struggle to finish. But don’t worry I persevered. My sister Suzy has gluten intolerance but the menu didn’t have any symbols to indicate the gluten free options. This is where good service is required to compensate. Here it did. The young chap was very helpful going back and forth between me and the kitchen to double check the smoked salmon omelette as well as the accompanying salad. I cheekily stole my sister’s salad because it was so fresh and crunchy with the red and yellow capsicum, red cabbage and almonds. No wonder I was struggling to eat my own meal. The smoked salmon portion was also very generous and was shared among the table. The menu at Voyage is very extensive and I will definitely be back especially as Perth warms up. I can’t wait to take my dad there but I already know my mum who holds a grudge will be reluctant to go back because of the number plate crime of 1999. However with food this good and millionaire dollar views I think I’ll be able to twist her arm. Watch this space.


Being healthy….beetroot juice!

Not just any ordinary banana smoothie…this has maca superpower (whatever that means)

Tomato + Avocado + Feta + Poached Eggs + Spinach = my favourite brunch combination.

Gluten free does not = boring. The omlette was full of favour and the side salad was so crispy and fresh!

Voyage Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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