Treat 30: Kustom like a Kardashian

I love discovering new places to treat. This one is thanks to my lovely friend Svet while she was on a 90 day sugar detox but she made an exception day for this place. Kustom cupcakes in Lathlain is like a long lost relative of the Kardashian clan, over the top and with the compulsory K name. There are over 25 flavours to choose from that go beyond your traditional vanilla and chocolate. Your eyes and stomach will travel to the cupcake version of Willy Wonka’s paradise. Svet and I being indecisive Capricorns had a tough job ahead choosing just 6 cupcakes from the 25 on offer. So without further ado, here are the nominated cupcakes:
• Golden Rough
• Cookie Dough
• Peanut Buttercup
• Peanut Butter and Jelly
• Ferrero
• Strawberry Hearts

And the Oscar for the most delicious cupcake goes to…drumroll please…peanut butter and jelly. This was a recommendation by the cupcake lady and got a resounding unanimous 4 votes from the judging panel. I would like to thank my volunteer judges Rochelle, Neha and Svet for taking the time to test out the cupcakes. Peanut butter and jelly won hands out for its fluffy cupcake, peanut butter and jelly gooey centre and deliciously smooth icing. The raspberry lolly on top was a nice touch but a bit chewy for my post-wisdom teeth surgery jaw. The runner up was cookie dough. Why? Because of the cookie dough centre and again for the fluffy vanilla cupcake. The vanilla cupcakes definitely had the fluffy advantage over their chocolate counterparts. The biggest letdown was the peanut buttercup cupcake. If not for the Reese’s peanut buttercup on top, the rest was a letdown. An average icing and a very dry chocolate cupcake left that awful lingering taste on your tongue and roof of your mouth. It was not pleasant. Golden Rough was confused by a majority of us (3 out of 4) as a Wagon Wheel with only Svet knowing what it was. For those uninformed like me, a Golden Rough is pretty much a chocolate and coconut slice shaped in a circle. This was actually quite tasty but still not my favourite out of the chocolate cupcake family. The winner here was the Ferrero thanks to the nutella centre. I’ll be honest we donated the Strawberry Hearts to Svet’s little sister so I can’t actually tell you how it tasted. All in all, Kustom cupcakes has a lot to offer and I adore the creative cupcake combinations. So next birthday, graduation, promotion or Tuesday do yourself a favour and get a share pack of cupcakes. Starting at $3.50 it’s a great investment into the happiness fund.


My version of a six pack.

Kustom Cupcakes on Urbanspoon

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