Quick Treat: One day I will stop talking about Sayers (when it closes down).

I have mentioned Sayers in a number of my treats; it is my favourite brunch spot though Tuck Shop has been leading lately in the competition for my heart and wallet. I always am indecisive when ordering at Sayers and I will have perused the menu for a long time while waiting for the line to die down at the register. However, on more than one occasion as soon as I get to the front I get blinded by the offerings in front of me. On this day it was no exception and I went from ordering cinnamon donuts to choosing a mushroom quiche. Don’t ask me how I changed my mind so drastically but it was worth it. I wish there was more relish on the side not because the quiche was not tasty but because the relish was delicious by itself. I would buy a jar. The side salad wasn’t a player on the sidelines but rather that player you bring on that is guaranteed to score goals like a non injured version of Mark Le Cras. The raw ribbons of carrot and zucchini added crunch and the dressing added zing to the earthy mushroom in the quiche. I loved this experience so much that on the next couple of outings at Sayers and their new sibling Sayers Sister I have went for the tart option and every single time it was a last minute decision. This option has not disappointed me…yet.


Don’t ignore the salad.


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