Quick Treat: Mama I love you

Thanks to my friend Neha for the introduction to Mama Tran. She works nearby in the Woodside building so this is a two minute walk for lunch and thankfully has great vegetarian options for her. This was a perfect option for my fragile post-wisdom teeth surgery state. Okay I know I have dragged this out, I promise this is the last time I mention it. Neha recommended I get a soup to avoid the crunchy vegetables so I ordered the Pho Ga – rice noodle soup with chicken. It was quite a simple dish with generous amounts of chicken and rice noodles. Besides the Spanish onion and mint leaves there was not much else to this soup besides broth. I’m so used to my mum’s chicken soup, which is colourful in the array of vegetables she puts in there. I was missing those in this soup. Mind you my mum doesn’t cook Vietnamese so it’s comparing apples to oranges. That Pho Ga did fill me up but I did have a big case of food envy as I saw the colourful bowl of Neha’s. She ordered the Bun cha Gio, which included shreds of carrot, cucumber, lettuce and bean sprouts with rice vermicelli. I can’t wait to take my sister here because this place is gluten free friendly. For a cheap and healthy meal that will cater for vegetarians and gluten free then say hello to Mama Tran.


I have a confession…I was so hungry that I forgot to take a photo so this was taken about one third into the meal.

Mama Tran on Urbanspoon

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