Treat 31: Missing the mark

On this random Wednesday morning it was time for a long overdue catch up with the cousins. Today’s breakfast adventure was at Miss Mauds in the city for an all you can eat feast. Now at 7am it might be hard to stomach a buffet. That’s what I thought till I got there and all of a sudden the hunger pains hit. For $26 you get a decent spread. I’ve had better. In terms of hot food there is fried and scrambled eggs, hash browns, grilled tomatoes, sausages, baked beans, hotcakes and French toast. Another section included a variety of boxed cereals, pastries, yoghurt, fruit, bread and spreads. On my first trip to the buffet I went straight to the hot food. The scrambled eggs were a favourite, nicely salted which I ate on rye. The hash brown was a let down, there was one bite where I had a nasty hard piece of bacon. One of my favourite hash brown/potato cakes is the one at Ikea which I normally get with the salmon. I normally get disappointed because I keep going to Ikea on the day when they have chips or boiled potato instead. I really have to nut out what day they do the potato cake. On my second lap I tried out the French toast, slightly dried out from sitting out on the buffet table. The star of the show was the custard pastry ignoring the tired looking fruit. I love good danish. My local IGA makes this awesome apricot danish, with a crunchy yet soft lattice and jammy fake apricot taste. Don’t ask me why but I have fond memories walking with my mum to buy this danish. It’s obviously just a frozen pastry that is baked in store but it tastes delicious when it’s warm out of the oven like most things do. The fruit offering was extensive with your standard fare including strawberries, melons, pineapple, banana, apple and oranges. Unfortunately the strawberries were quite tart and not enjoyable. I think the most disappointing feature of this buffet is the drinks. Even Ikea gives you a real coffee; the beans are even fair trade. At Miss Mauds all you get is the percolated kind. Disappointing Darren. I felt like I was at a diner in the USA but at least the waitress pours it for you. I think for the amount you pay you are better off going to brunch spots like (sorry but I can’t help it) Sayers, Tuckshop, Mrs S and Boucla. In saying that though buffets are a lot of fun, getting to do laps of the buffet tables and having competitions to see who can eat the most. Yes I know I’m immature at times. I am going to test out another buffet breakfast, the Atrium at Crown Perth to see if you get better bang for your buck. Miss Mauds breakfast buffet still packs a punch, it was crowded this morning. If you feel like doing something different and you conveniently work in the city then say hello to Miss Mauds for a random all you can eat breakfast adventure.


Round 1 – great scrambled eggs!

Round 2 – get a pastry.

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