Treat 33: Coco jumbo

Urban dictionary defines coco jumbo as an adjective describing something superb, excellent or perfect, which is a perfect definition for Koko Black, a chocolate haven in the Claremont Quarter. I was so excited to see my latest addiction was the flavour of Spring. Guess what it is? Give up? The correct answer is salted caramel. As a person who always mixes their savoury and sweet together, the salted caramel is the ultimate dessert solution. Do you know those days where things aren’t going your way, you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, you feel tired, exhausted and absolutely buggered from the world? Here is Dr Rita’s recommondations on what you can do to turn your frown upside down…eat chocolate (disclaimer: I am not really a doctor but google does say chocolate releases happy endorphins so it’s still a wise suggestion/solution). If you are near the Claremont area then eat chocolate at Koko Black. On this Koko Black occasion I was having a bad day and besides tripping on the step coming in I began to feel a lot better once I saw the chocolate. Koko Black is all about sharing is caring so make sure you have your share buddies in tow. I highly recommend the Chocolate Moelleux for it’s gooey chocolate centre and the delicious raspberry espuma helps cut the richness. I also usually get the Beligian Spoil so you can try an assortment of chocolate delights including the walnut brownie, mousse and ice cream. I have also tried the high tea here but as this place caters more to the sweet tooth I did find the savoury and sweet assortment unbalanced. A couple extra quality savoury options would be preferred. The Koko Black menu changes seasonally. My bad day was turned into a good night thanks to the Spring Spoil, a dessert platter including salted caramel ice cream, chocolate mousse, two pralines, chocolate coated Graham crackers and a caramel milk chocolate delice. When I was looking at the array of desserts in the glass cabinets, the caramel milk chocolate delice spoke to me so I was very excited to sample it along with other salted caramel treats. I initially thought getting the caramel milk chocolate delice on its own would be too rich but was surprised by the creamy lightness of this dessert. A delice is a three layer genius creation consisting of a bottom chocolate brownie layer, chocolate caramel cream and a chocolate glaze on top. How mouth watering does that sound? The answer is very. The graham cracker took me back to my USA college days combining melted chocolate and marshmellows to make the Babysitters Club favourite sleepover dessert…S’Mores. The two pralines that came with this platter included the salted caramel milk, which tasted like a chewy Werther’s Original and a caramel mousse that melted in your mouth. Speaking of melt in your mouth moments, the chocolate mousse with crispy caramel crumble was a delight to the senses. My spoon kept going for more…it was like I had no control of my spoon. Another highlight for me was the salted caramel ice cream, which gave a refreshing touch to the rest of the platter. Now before you think I am an absolute pig, I didn’t take that extra step and order a hot chocolate. No instead I had a peppermint tea, which apparantly assists digestion (another google moment for you). So next time you are looking for a cure for your bad day head to Koko Black instead of Chemist Discount Warehouse and enjoy the antioxidants, endorphins and sugar high that chocolate lovingly provides.


The unofficial medicine for a bad day.

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