Quick Treat: The Slap

I have never been slapped before but today I could imagine what it felt like. It’s not anybodies fault but my own…I jumped the gun. My teacher friend Svet usually compliments my good listening but I must have missed the bit when she told me that West End Deli do a variety of mocha flavours. All I remember from her story is that West End Deli does a fantastic mocha. On this weird weather Saturday my poor listening and reading skills were on show…I’ll get to that in a minute, first to the food. The brunch menu is not very extensive; there really is only four items to choose from but like a budget airline has a lot of add-ons to complete your experience. I cheekily went first and stole the omelette right under my dining companion’s nose. We both ended up choosing that option except he added a slab of bacon. It truly was a slab of bacon, one piece of thick cut bacon. This is when my mum would have piped up, for $9 I could have bought a whole kilo of bacon and fed the family. The omelette was fluffy and had an unusual topping of pear, manchego and walnuts. I have no idea what manchego is so I googled it for you and for me. The answer for you…it is sheep cheese and Manchega is the breed of sheep it’s from. I’m not going to lie…I wasn’t blown away by it. I missed the variety of options of a Sayers menu BUT then at the same time I do appreciate that it is a brunch menu and if it was closer to 12 then 10.30 I would have went for the home made spaghetti option. A lesson for next time. Here is the biggest lesson though….read the drinks menu. Don’t do what I do and blindly ask for a mocha. That’s the rookie mistake I made. Don’t be lazy, get the menu and see what’s on offer. Don’t get drink envy like I did when the other person orders a honeycomb milkshake, which you didn’t know was on the menu especially if the chocolate honeycomb was your favourite Brownes Supershake growing up. The consequence of this… when the drinks get put on the table and the waitress informs you there is a honeycomb mocha you might act like a child throwing a tantrum. I’m not proud to admit it but I did act a little childish but it worked because the waitress felt sorry for me and sprinkled honeycomb on the top of my mocha. I can’t wait to go back there and order the real deal.


You can’t make an omlette without eggs…here I am guessing they used four.

The mocha without honeycomb….a lesson for next time.

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