Treat 37: A Hong Kong catch up at a Japanese restaurant

It’s been awhile since I caught up with the lovely Lisa from my study abroad experience in Hong Kong. My roomie Davina also joined us for this catch up at Hanami in Mount Lawley. I have been to Hanami a couple times feasting on standard Japanese fare. It has a mixture of traditional floor seating as well as the usual chair and table combination. I’m not old or arthritic but I prefer sitting on a chair and so we did. It also features my favourite invention at restaurants, the humble doorbell. I am terrible at getting the attention of wait staff. No fear there is a doorbell here. So once you know what to order, press away and within a minute a kimono wearing waitress will take your order. The menu here is of novel length so there are plenty of sashimi, sushi and teppinyaki options. After some oohing and ahhing I went for the Chirashi set. This included an assortment of sashimi including tuna, salmon and crab. It also featured rice, edamame beans, miso soup and a lacklustre fruit salad. The most disappointing part of the dish was the crab. It was the kind you purchase from the deli section at Woolworths and was not what I considered sashimi especially for the price I paid. The tuna and salmon seemed fresh and didn’t have the fishy smell that usually comes with old sashimi. I actually like the texture of eating raw fish and meat in general and I feel very healthy whenever I order sashimi. I haven’t gotten sick from it….yet. The miso soup hit the spot and I have attempted making it at home. It’s actually quite simple, miso paste in hot water and bob’s your uncle there’s miso soup. If you want to be fancy you can add tofu and wakame seaweed all found at your local Asian convenience store. I accidentally tried to be too fancy and put too many vegetables in my take on a miso soup. I am my mother’s daughter after all. The fruit salad was a waste of space as it was browning. Besides not looking appealing it didn’t taste any better. I have enjoyed better meals at Hanami. They do the traditional dishes well like your teriyaki chicken. The Chirashi set was slightly disappointing. It was very filling though and I probably could have shared it. My friend Davina ordered vegetarian and teriyaki chicken sushi. I have to mention it because she didn’t even eat half of her chicken sushi in fear of salmonella. She didn’t think it tasted very fresh. However, it’s not all negative because the vegetarian sushi remains a favourite of hers and it did not disappoint her on this night. I have always enjoyed my dinners at Hanami. The food usually hits the mark despite tonight’s mixed efforts. It’s a great place for a catch up with long lost travel buddies when you don’t want to wait impatiently to order because you are too busy talking about each others lives. Let’s end this treat with a fun fact…what does hanami actually mean? It refers to the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers. This was sourced from my traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of Google.


Isn’t it obvious…it’s sushi.

It was good without being great. I’ve had better sashimi.

Hanami Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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