Treat 38: The 3pm Lunch

My sister and brother joined me for lunch in Northbridge on this lovely sunny day. Suzy has gluten intolerance and so we have to be careful where we go to eat. Usually we get sushi. Today she was adamant no sushi for her. I was craving dim sum and my brother is an easy pleaser, he lets me make the decisions. Finding a restaurant that does dim sum at 3pm was hard work. New Moon on James Street was a fail as it closed at 3pm so around to Roe Street we went where more closed restaurants greeted us. China Town was a ghost town so my brother didn’t get the chance to try Uncle Billy’s for the first time. We stumbled reluctantly upon the Old Shanghai food court where we retreated to the first food provider, the Hong Kong Dim Sum Trolley. The photos on the wall captivated us and before we knew we had ordered the following:
• Prawn flour roll (my favourite dim sum dish)
• Chicken flour roll (I’ve never had this version of it before)
• Prawn and spinach dumpling
• Shanghai dumpling
• Lotus loaf (another new item for us)
• Steamed gai lan (another favourite of mine)

The kitchen is very small but it was good to see someone cooking in there using flour, which makes me think they make it fresh. Unfortunately flour is a no no for Suzy so guess what she got instead from the Old Shanghai food court…sushi. I gave her the opportunity to try the very cool Aisuru Sushi on the corner of James Street but no she was stuck with this lacklustre California Roll. It didn’t look very fresh, the rice was gluey and I feared for her life. It’s moments like this that show my mother in me, she’s a huge worrier. As Suzy hadn’t been feeling well I didn’t want to risk it so we left most of it behind. I missed the spectacle of dim sum with waiters passing by in trolleys and trays showing you items to order. This food court version had to do for us starving souls today. It fed both of us for $30, which is the standard for two when I dim sum. Both the prawn and chicken flour rolls were a hit. I am excited to add chicken flour roll to the favourites list. So the next time I take my cholesterol worrying mum to dim sum she won’t complain there are too many prawn options. Apparently prawns increase cholesterol levels; this is not from Google but from my mum so please ignore this fact unless advised otherwise by a doctor. The prawn and spinach dumpling was also a pleasure to eat. I pretty much ate the whole plate of gai lan to myself but I let my brother have a majority of the other dishes. I’m such a kind sister. The shanghai dumpling were not the best, I’ve had better especially in terms of juicy flavour. My favourite aspect of this dumpling is the broth inside, which was lacking here. A new item my brother wanted to try was a lotus loaf, which was this sticky rice in a lotus loaf. This was disgusting and I will never order this again. My brother always likes to try new things, which don’t get me wrong is great but not today. That is the first and last time I’ll be eating a Lotus loaf in my lifetime if I can help it. Overall, the Dim Sum trolley helped tide us over from collapsing. Though it was a last resort I wouldn’t ever say no to going back there. It just won’t be any time soon.


A selection of dumplings from Dim Sum Trolley.

My dim sum favourites.


Dim Sum Trolley on Urbanspoon

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