Treat 41: I’ve got the munchies

It was a weird weather day and I was feeling the effects. The cloudy sky was making me grumpy and it was 4pm and I was still without lunch. How hard is it to find a place open for lunch at 4pm on Sunday? As I found in Mt Lawley in my hangry (hungry + angry) mood it was very difficult. Before relegating to Grill’d (which is spreading like hives with new outlets in the city and Scarborough) my brother and dad stumbled further down the arcade to find Mr Munchies Sushi. This was a great option for my gluten free sister. Now Mr Munchies Sushi is fairly new and well hidden from the Beaufort strip. It’s easily to get trapped at Grill’d or Gelare and if you don’t take those couple extra steps you might not even know it’s there. I was happy to have a break from burgers and meet Mr Munchies. Here you can customise your sushi in four easy steps. First choose your meal, a sushi roll or salad. Then choose your base from beef, chicken, pork, salmon, tuna and other delights like octopus and eel. You can also add a stuffing like cucumber, carrot, lettuce and cheesecake (whatever that is). But wait there’s more. There’s also toppings like sesame seeds, garlic chips and fried shallots to choose from and don’t forget the array of sauces including wasabi aioli, sweet teriyaki and mayonnaise. Mr Munchies is like the Subway for sushi. If this is too confusing for you then you will be happy to know that Mr Munchies also has a set menu. Today we chose two sushi rolls from the set menu. The crunchy spider roll had deep fried soft shell crab, lettuce and cucumber. This was a tasty number and the crab serving was quite generous. The seafood roll also was generous in its portions including salmon, steamed prawn, cucumber and topped with fresh tuna flakes. Don’t you hate when the star of a dish you order ends up only being a supporting act when the plate is in front of you. You won’t feel like that at Mr Munchies. Plus you get to see them make the sushi right in front of your eyes. My brother again went off the beaten track taking the customised option with a pork katsu base and who knows what else he put in there. I didn’t try to find out. For my sister the customised option is fantastic because the sushi is made to order you can pick and choose. The problem with many fast food sushi outlets is that it’s all premade and once you rule out all the teriyaki and katsu options there isn’t much to play with besides vegetarian. It’s the sauce that’s usually the gluten carrier. She got grilled salmon with carrot and avocado and the smile on her face says it all. She was a happy chappy. I changed my tune too once I had food in my stomach. My dad who isn’t the biggest sushi fan enjoyed being the only diners at this restaurant. His main problem with sushi is that there is not enough sauce for him. He was happy with the extra step in adding sauce to your sushi. That didn’t stop him from pouring soy sauce over his sushi pieces. Mr Munchies is still quite new so it’s a hidden gem for the sushi-lovers out there. If you get the munchies at 4pm on a Sunday then meet Mr Munchies for your sushi fix.


The spider roll (no actual spiders are in this sushi)

Suzy’s special salmon sushi

The star of this sushi is the seafood!

Pork katsu sushi with the weird and wondeful extras that only my brother would choose.

Mr. Munchies Sushi on Urbanspoon

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