Treat 42: I’m walking on sunshine

Finally, the sun is out in Perth and it feels like summer is around the corner. Today I had a brunch date with Fran. We initially planned to go to Tuckshop but as we drove past the line was crazy long as usual. So I suggested Tarts as I had never been and Fran had heard great things from her boss. It was around 11.30 by the time we got to Tarts and we were starving. The menu is very extensive but I was too hungry for my indecisiveness to take hold. I saw potato cake and I locked it in. As I have mentioned in earlier blogs (Quick Treat: Ikea Traffic) I love potato cakes especially the one from Ikea. I ordered the Potato Head, which included two poached eggs, asparagus, mushrooms and spinach on a potato cake with hollandaise sauce. I have heard great things about Potato Head in Bali but that’s neither here nor there. On the warm day I decided to be different and get a beetroot and carrot juice. Great decision. The juice came in a cute glass bottle. Fran and I couldn’t get over them. At first I thought Tarts was a small café mixed with a gift store but we saw the light outside and found a sizeable backyard area. I say backyard because it was very homely with herbs and bric and brac tables that reminded me of my own backyard. My dad loves his garage sales and collecting random crap so our backyard consists of a jungle (his herb and vegetable garden), a couple of buddas (even though we are not Buddhist) and to make it even more confusing there is a large picture frame of Jesus’ last supper. Sorry another digression. Both the drinks and food came out promptly despite them being very busy. There was a baby shower also happening in the backyard. I think baby showers are stalking me. I went to one in Geelong for my friend Sami’s baby shower, then I had another one the following week and now I was unofficially attending this one at Tarts. It’s obviously baby season. Ok now I will finally talk about the food. My last treat was filled with negitude (Treat 40) and I am so happy to report that this treat is like a ray of sunshine. The poached eggs were runny. Hooray! The potato cake was delicious, I wish there was more of it. All the elements of the dish were perfectly cooked. I was in food heaven. I was happy with the amount of Hollondaise sauce, not like at Dome where your eggs are drowning it. The whole experience at Tarts from start to finish was joy. Fran and I were making excuses to go back there and I was eyeing off the dessert cabinet on the way out. If you are looking for a carefree brunch experience with a homely touch then make your way to Tarts Café.


How cute are the juices!

You don’t need to go all the way to Bali for Potato Head.

Tarts Cafe on Urbanspoon

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