Quick Treat: Wild thing you make my heart sing

Scarborough is getting heaps of flack on the news for the unruly hooligan behaviour polluting the beach. Since spring has hit the air the number of fights is the same amount as the shark sights, which is a lot. If you still want to enjoy Scarborough’s beach views but skip the bloodshed then you will feel safe in the Wild Fig café surrounds. On this beautiful sunny day, we sat outside to hear the sounds of the birds chirping, the wind blowing and cars hooning. You can’t have it all. Today we only stopped by for coffee and cake. The Wild Fig was still buzzing at 3pm with most of its tables full. The service was a bit sharper than previous visits to the Fig franchise. I have only been to Swanbourne’s Naked Fig and Scarborough’s Wild Fig and the service is notoriously slow. One of my work colleagues has this harrowing story of asking for a large coffee on a Saturday brunch only to be told they only do regular coffees during this time. So when she asked if she could have two regular coffees instead of a large there was no problem. The logic however escapes me because the manpower required for two coffees would be more than one large coffee with two cups to wash instead of one. This must be a form of revenue raising. I always find it awkward here when it comes to paying. Do you go to the front or do you pay at the table? I have always gone to the front but haven’t been told otherwise. Today was probably one of the better service experiences. The orders were taken quickly, tap water was put on our table and we didn’t wait ages for coffee and cake. I’ve had a couple nightmare experiences here so this was a pleasant surprise. The Persian love cake said it all; it was love in a cake. Nice and moist with a lovely rosewater touch and not overpowered by sugar. The pistachio crunch on the top was a brilliant touch. The best part for my sister Suzy is that it was gluten free. Who says gluten free has to be tasteless? Not the Persian love cake. My friend Davina enjoyed her lemon meringue tart. I got a sneaky taste and was happy with the lemon to sugar ratio. For the million dollar views the bad service at the Wild Fig is forgiven but not forgotten. Today they actually impressed me with their service and I think the next test is to challenge them during peak brunch hour. Also does anyone know the origins for the name Naked Fig? Are the rumours true that it overlooks a nudist beach? There’s only one way to find out….by treating at the Naked Fig.


There is a lot to love about the Persian love cake including the fact it’s gluten free.

For a bit of zing…get the lemon meringue tart.

The Wild Fig Cafe (Scarborough) on Urbanspoon

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