Treat 44: I just can’t wait

I hate waiting in line; it’s time you never get back again. I just don’t have the patience to wait similar to Simba in the Lion King who just couldn’t wait to be king. So why I keep heading back to Northbridge for dim sum on Sunday is beyond me. When I used to work Sundays at Myer in the city I would see the lines stretch out on Roe Street. This obviously didn’t stop me from trying my luck. On this stormy November morning the cousins and I were craving dim sum and despite getting lucky finding parking we weren’t lucky at avoiding the queues. Back in the car we went with my cousin Nen in the backseat googling suburban dim sum options. She stumbled upon the Imperial Court in Como so down the freeway we went while the rain bucketed down. After finding the restaurant quickly, easily finding free parking and joining a much smaller queue the food was in our reach. Within twenty minutes we were seated and food was on our table. The first thing that stood out for us at Imperial Court was its cleanliness and comfortable chairs. It was quite roomy despite being packed to the rafters. The star dish was the prawn and bean curd flour rice roll. Usually I order the original prawn flour roll. The bean curd added an amazing dimension to this dish and I will never go without it again. Today was all about trying new things. A friend of mine introduced me to shanghai dumplings in Singapore at Michelin acclaimed Taiwanese chain Din Tai Fung (see Treat 13: Dim Sum in my Tum). The Imperial Court might have trumped them. The delicate broth and orange zest made this elegant dish a pleasure to eat. The pork filling was delicious and I couldn’t help getting a spoon to sip the broth. The least favourite dish was the soft shell crab. It still had a lot of flavour but there was more batter than crab. As my cousins would say…no no no no no no (Nen and Babuna you know what tune this goes to). We finished off the meal with our favourite greens, gai lan. It’s the easiest dish for us to replicate at home…you just steam them. However whenever I buy bok choy or any of the Asian greens family I always forget and it goes mouldy before this 2 minute steam job gets done. As we sipped the last of the Chinese tea and left our table, it was like a ninja effect with the table quickly cleaned and turned over to the next waiting people. The Sunday dim sum lines never stop. I am so glad I am impatient. My ability to not wait in the Northbridge dim sum lines brought me to my new dim sum love, Imperial Court. The cousins and I christened it as our regular dim sum feasting location. It’s in a brilliant location overlooking the Swan River if you ignore the freeway that is in between. I can’t wait to go back just for the Shanghai dumplings. It might be awhile before I even think about joining the Northbridge dim sum lines when ten minutes down the road is the Imperial Court with its easy parking and delicious dim sum offerings.


Prawn and bean curd flour roll is now officially on my favourite list.

One of the best shanghai dumplings I have ever eaten

Imperial Court on Urbanspoon

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