Quick Treat: Good things come in small packages

It’s no secret that I’m below average height. I actually think I’m taller than I am but reality hits when you try to reach for something that falls on your head. One of my favourite sayings is good things come in small packages and today’s quick treat is not about my height but more about the offering at Small Print. This is my second attempt at treating this new bakery and roastery that is part of new Print Hall complex in Brookfield Place (see Treat 40: Taken 3). Luckily this time I did my research and found Small Print with ease. It’s quite an expansive space with a window exposing the bakery similar to the open kitchen in it’s upstairs relative Print Hall. The cute black director chairs were also a nice touch. I was slightly disappointed with the breakfast offering. Small in name and in nature. It basically serves bakery items rather than a cooked breakfast so no poached eggs for me this morning. I chose the healthy looking banana cake. Anything with pepitas on top is healthy in my eyes. I think the cake needed a bigger banana kick; it would have been a welcome textural surprise to actually bite into the cake with banana pieces. Mind you banana desserts or even the texture of bananas is not a selling point for many people. But I am not many people and I like bananas in all its shapes and forms. The second function of Small Print is its roastery and the coffee did not disappoint. I ordered a long macchiato and was impressed by its creamy smooth taste. When coffee is bitter or burnt I tend to add sugar to compensate. It was not the case here. Apparently, their lunch offering is more extensive to appease the office workers. I’ll have to venture into the city one Saturday to test this theory. I definately recommend visiting Small Print for a coffee…if you can find it (my tip is to take the stairs downstairs and Bob’s your uncle there it is).


The healthy looking banana cake.


Small Print Bakery & Roastery on Urbanspoon

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