Treat 47: Pick pocketing

This is the first year in a long time that I have not flown overseas and it’s starting to get me. The itchy feet have started. So what does one do when they feel like jetting off to a tropical island like Bora Bora when you unfortunately haven’t won the $100 million lotto jackpot? You buy a Glasshouse candle from David Jones. On this Friday night I felt like going to Barcelona and enjoying music, tapas and wine from the Catalan region. So I ventured to Fremantle’s Gypsy Tapas, which provided all three. For $40 you can have all you can eat tapas for two hours. My group of four decided to opt for choosing from the menu and a bottle of red. I asked for a bottle of tempranillo (pronounced tempra -ni – yo courtesy of Google) but they sold out and provided a lovely Cabernet Merlot instead. Items ordered included broccoli, patata bravas, lamb koftas, baked feta, garlic chicken drumlets, artichoke dip (that ended up being hummus) and eggplant fritters. I was looking at the photos I took and again the iPhone 3 has failed me. However I did like the dark lighting…it helped create the atmosphere of the small bars that populate Barcelona’s La Rambla strip. Before I went to Barcelona I was warned by many people about the pick pocketing epidemic. A friend of mine actually had first hand experience and as soon as we arrived and caught the train from the airport to the city there was a pick pocketing incident right in front of our eyes. So for the four days I was there I went sans handbag (See Treat 4: Barcelona the salt of the earth and Treat 5: This little piggy went to the market for more musings about the Catalan capital). The small plates for $8 though feel like you are being pick pocketed. For example, $8 will get you a slab of feta, seven pieces of broccoli florets, four mini chicken drumsticks or dip and bread to which my mum would argue that she could feed the whole family and get a kilo of the ingredients instead of a small plate. In a way the premium price is paying for the entertainment and awesome ambience. It’s cheaper than buying a flight to Barcelona that’s for sure and though the drive to Freo for a Northie like me is a bit of a trek, it still beats a 20 hour flight. Unfortunately for us Perthians, we pay a lot more for our food, which is probably the Perth version of pick pocketing. I’ll definitely go back to Gypsy Tapas for its ambience, music and I did enjoy the small plate offerings. The food was tasty. Would I go there starving? Probably not. Would I order a few small plates to share over a bottle of tempranillo? Si signor! Another option is to pay $40 for all you can eat tapas, which I might try next time as it potentially is great value for money depending on the speed the food comes around. The service here is laid back. So laid back that when they ran out of artichoke dip they gave us hummus instead without telling us. The waitress was quite cheeky and said she was meaning to tell us but forgot. She did remember to take it off the bill though which made up for it. Next time you feel like a taste of Spain then make the trip to Gypsy Tapas.


All I want for a new iPhone!  This will help me keep my new years resolution - take better photos and blog more.

All I want for Christmas…is a new iPhone! This will help me keep my new years resolution – take better photos and blog more. I’m not putting the rest of the photos up – they’ll make you think you need glasses because they are all blurry

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