Treats Review 2012

You may have noticed my absence in the blogosphere over the last few weeks. I have been too busy eating and not treating. Sometimes you just need a break. To get back in the swing of treating I thought I’d touch on my favourite treats for 2012.

1. Vue de Monde
Now this treat will be published this week but I got overexcited and flooded the post with over 30 photos and it takes ages to load. I try to keep this blog easy to read and load so once I fix the technical issues you will get to read this novel of a treat. Vue de Monde was a dining experience that changed my perception on fine dining. Instead of feeling like an outsider, I felt like I belonged. If you are ever in Melbourne do yourself a favour and pay the $150 for the 4 course experience. It takes your breath away. Now I had the pleasure of dining here in January 2012 and it really was an amazing start to my treating career.

Vue de Monde on Urbanspoon

2. The Tuck Shop Cafe
If you have been following my treats you will have cottoned on to my love of brunch. Since May 2012 I have cheated on my usual Sayers in Leederville for this little gem in a location I never thought I’d find mind myself on a Saturday or Sunday morning…Northbridge. Thanks to their delicious pies, great service despite heaving demand and one of my favourite coffee destinations thanks to the Toby’s Estate Woolloomooloo blend – this is the once place I continually recommend and go back to despite the waiting for a table. You can tell I love a place when I hang around to line up because as we know I just can’t wait (see Treat 44).

The Tuck Shop Cafe on Urbanspoon

3. Imperial Court
Now I am branching out of the dim sum capital Northbridge and crossing the bridge to South of the River. Imperial Court has the tastiest Shanghai dumplings I have ever had in Perth. It also introduced me to the bean curd and prawn flour rice roll. The extra crunch from the bean curd has taken my dim sum staple to new heights. Though it recently did give me a panic attack when they ran out of gai lan, another dim sum favourite of mine but the bok choy replacement did the job. Get out of Northbridge’s weekend dim sum chaos and give Imperial Court a chance.

Imperial Court on Urbanspoon

4. The return of the Sayers degustation
With the new Sayers Sister in Northbridge (I know I can’t believe this suburb gets another mention but in my defence it’s closer to the Highgate end) I was excited to enjoy the return of Sayers amazing degustation. After over-doing the degustation in 2011 (once I had 3 degustations in a week – yes I know crazy – it was degusting) I was happy to welcome the Sayers 5 course degustation back in my life. For $65 and no corkage you get such great value for money and an amazing dining experience. I love the friendly service, the pretty plating and of course the food is sensational. This is usually a sell out so once they announce the next one get in there! Just remember to tell people what Sayers it is. 3 out of the 4 people thought we were going to the Sayers in Leederville and the fourth person was me so don’t be lazy like me and actually say Sayers Sister otherwise it gets confusing.

Sayers Sister  on Urbanspoon

5. My token dish for 2012
Now my goal for 2013 is to get my cooking experiments in my treats. So you might start seeing what I call Try posts. While 2012 saw me dining out constantly there were a few personal cooking highlights. Trying to make fresh with my $15 Kmart pasta machine was a great achievement (thanks Fran’s mum for doing most of the work and making me look good with my dinner party guests). Thanks to my Indiana friends for visiting as I got to show off my barbecuing prowess. I usually have a signature dish every year that I make to death. 2009 was the ice cream sandwich and banana pudding, 2010 was the apple pie, 2011 was the quiche and now in 2012 my quinoa salad (or kunu salad as my cousins call it) was a major feature in all family gatherings (upstaged by mum’s tabouli though). Watch this space for what exciting dishes I will cook up in 2013. First up thanks to my Hart of Dixie Alabama phase is Gumbo once I figure out what that actually entails.

As a final note, thanks to my loyal followers over 2012. To get to #17 on Urbanspoon was a fantastic achievement for me – I was aiming for Top 30 so this was a lovely Christmas present. Thanks for all your support and I look forward to bringing you more exciting treats in 2013. Happy New Year and till next time keep treating!!

Happy New Year Fellow Treaters!  I look forward to bringing you more treats in 2013!

Happy New Year Fellow Treaters! I look forward to bringing you more treats in 2013!

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