Treat 49: Foam Home

I’m not a morning person. No matter how many new years resolutions I make to become one it never happens. Waking up at 6am is rare for me…the only exception I make is when I meet my cousins or a friend for breakfast before work. It makes a great start to the morning. On this pouring morning my friend Kirsty and I were lucky enough to park right outside Foam Coffee Bar, the new coffee hub in Leederville that replaced the hail damaged Cafe 130. I’ve only been there once before to try their whoopie pie offering (it was slightly dry) and a delicious coffee. They have a nice and simple breakfast menu and also have your essential lunch items like sandwiches and wraps. Plus the temptation of cupcakes, brownies and other sweet treats. For breakfast I ordered poached eggs with mushrooms on quinoa linseed bread. It’s the simple things that I take pleasure in. However, it’s the simple things that normally miss the mark. Take for example, poached eggs. This is usually my breakfast/brunch staple. Done correctly, the ooeyy gooey yolky centre soaks the bread. However, my recent experience at Beaufort Merchant with my vinegary and hardened poached eggs were a major miss. For $13 I was left scratching my head especially as I only ordered poached eggs. This would have ended up being a $20 breakfast if I included add-ons like bacon. As the eggs were hardened there was nothing to soak the limp looking bread. It can ruin your morning. Luckily at Foam, the eggs were poached to perfection with the yolkiness soaking the delicious quinoa toast. The mushrooms added a healthy touch. I have learnt a valuable lesson on poached eggs…beware of getting them alone with bread. I think that’s why I am so faithful to Sayers because they have a variety of dishes where the poached egg is a bonus. For example, they used to have this spinach and ricotta crepe that probably didn’t need a poached egg but I was more than happy for it to come to the party. Where Beaufort Merchant failed me, Foam stood it’s ground. I also give them brownie points for a delish pumpkin and spinach turkish bread sandwich. Leederville is littered with a number of cafes and has become a faithful breakfast meeting point because it’s close to work. Watch this space as I treat my way through Oxford and Newcastle Street and pick out my favourite breakfast stops. I’ll find the good, the bad and the ugly. Fingers crossed for runny poached eggs!


Poached to perfection

Poached to perfection

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