Quick Treat: Luck of the Irish

Unfortunately today I didn’t have the luck of the Irish. Though I was dining with my Irish colleague Clare for dinner before Jennifer Lopez’s concert, I was unlucky in my ordering. We decided to eat at Durty Nelly’s after a failed attempt at eating at the neighbouring pub James Squire in Shafto Lane. We did get lucky in securing a table because it was also chockers. It was the silly season so people were out in numbers celebrating or there were a lot of JLO fans in our midst. I ordered the Thursday special, beef parmigiana There was nothing special about it. The meat was as big as my face. It was chewy, hard to eat and the sauce had no flavour. It was a struggle to eat. The chips were yummy, I’ll give them that. At least an Irish pub got the potato right. It was my own fault for ordering an Italian dish at an Irish pub. A rookie mistake. I haven’t given up on the Irish pub just yet. Clare raves about the curry chips at Fibber McGees in Leederville, I can’t wait to try it. I’ve never had curry chips. Apparently it’s the Irish version of a kebab after a late night out. The other people I was dining with enjoyed their Durty Nelly’s meal. Try the calamari, chicken parma and wedges – they all got nods of approval. Don’t get the beef parma unless u want a jaw workout. On a side note Jennifer Lopez was amazing! She’s made me want to go on a health kick. It started straight after the concert, after her diva delay in starting the concert at 9.30 it was a run back to the car before the parking closed at 11pm.


The beef parma was a jaw workout.

The beef parma was a jaw workout.

Durty Nelly's Irish Pub on Urbanspoon

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