Quick Treat: I am officially a beach bum

With the Christmas break over it’s time to reminisce on that relaxing period of my life now that the daily grind of work is back. For two weeks I enjoyed a lady of leisure existence. I went to the beach 7 days in a row. This is quite odd behaviour for a person with high maintenance hair. Previously going to the beach was a rare occurrence because it turns my tresses into seaweed. Since my Indiana visitors in May 2012 I’ve been making an extra effort of becoming a beach person. Having lived in land locked Indiana I now appreciate WA’s sweeping crystal blue coast. So the next couple treats embrace coastal dining. On my last day of holidays my cousins and I pretended to go to Bora Bora except it was like the Friends episode when they go to Barbados, it was cloudy and raining. So the venture to Scarborough Beach was a failure. The angry clouds reflected the mood we were in. Food normally cheers me and the cousins up and after a great gyros experience the week before after a hard day in the surf we decided to go back to our friend Peters by the Sea. However, I think the salt water and hungriness may have affected us last time because it was not the same. The beef gyros was very dry and no amount of sauce (sweet chilli and garlic) could disguise it. We must have got the last pieces of the cow as it was overcooked, which explains its toughness. The chips were heavily chicken salted by us but any vinegar was absorbed by the cardboard the chips came in. My cousins make fun of me because after I eat I always say the same thing. ‘It’s either a hit or a miss and this time it’s a miss.’ Unfortunately Peters by the Sea didn’t come through for us this time but the Nerds candy strap from the BP nearby was a definite hit. If you have a spare $1 look out for it the next time you get petrol. At the end of the day Peters by the Sea is your stock standard kebab shop with slightly inflated prices because of the beautiful view. My negitude will clear up like the skies in my next treat when I branch out to another beach dining experience.


Peter's By The Sea on Urbanspoon

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