Treat 51: You know I like a place when I go there two days in a row

I had a whinge the day about Cottesloe beach…it was flooded with people and I think I was still carrying a grudge from the time I fell through the sand and got dunked by a wave back in May 2012. In the last past two weeks I have been back to Cottesloe five times. The first was with the cousins for one of our beach days to try out the frozen yoghurt. It’s my favourite food in the world at the moment. All I want is natural flavour and Red Spoon in Cottesloe is one of the rare places in Perth that does it. Unfortunately it doesn’t open late like frozen yoghurt chain Wow Cow in Sydney. I was so surprised to find out in my last Sydney trip that Wow Cow is a hang out. You get your yoghurt and then depending on the location you sit down and people watch. I’m waiting for someone to bring this to Perth. That requires the yoghurt place to be open beyond 9.30pm; yes I’m talking to you Red Spoon. So yet again I’m on a tangent. This whole time I wanted to write about Il Lido, the cute Italian café on the corner in Cottesloe. On this gorgeous Friday night I was celebrating my three years working for the same company. Coincidentally, when I first got the job there I celebrated at Il Lido. Three years later and I’m still in love with that café. It’s almost become a forgotten love because I actually hadn’t set foot there since that dinner three years ago. I fell in love all over again. The menu has quite a few of your Italian favourites but you can tell they make the effort of using seasonal ingredients. I ordered my Italian usual, crab linguini. When the waitress first put the plate down in front of me I was surprised at the serving. It wasn’t generous. I probably could have eaten four extra forkfuls. I will give it this, plenty of flavour. That was noted by everyone at the table. Well not everyone. Il Lido offers communal dining so you sit next to strangers. I didn’t ask the people next to me if they like their meals but the people I was with were all very happy. Another minor criticism about the crab linguini is the saltiness but that’s because of the capers. Overtime I have realised I’m not the biggest caper fan so I’m slightly biased on the salty issue. My dining companions Louise and Carly also ordered the linguini and had no problems. The dessert menu was very tempting but we had our minds set on frozen yoghurt next door at Red Spoon. Except it was CLOSED before 9.30! Now you can understand my anger. Do I have to go all the way to Sydney to get my frozen yoghurt fix after 10pm? It looks like it. Ok I’ll hop off the soap box. Actually, speaking of Sydney I have to give kudos to the Cott Hotel for their new Beach House beer garden. I’m loving the South of French vibes, which is thanks to the same architects as the Ivy in Sydney. You can see it in the splash of yellow at the bar, the white furniture and striped umbrellas. I’m looking forward to trying the food there. Back to Il Lido again, sorry I am easily distracted. The next day I spent with my friends Svet, Sami and Sami’s beautiful baby Anastacia. With Sami’s mum on babysitting duties we ventured to Cottesloe because now Sami lives in Geelong, the WA coast is like a distant relative now. We did drive by Ciao Italia but didn’t realise how hungry we were till we arrived in Cottesloe. I am yet to try Ciao Italia, that’s on my very long list. So Italian was on the menu and off to Il Lido we went. I chose the mushroom and zucchini crispelle, which is hard to describe but it’s like layers of thin crepes with the vegetables in between. It was delicious! Again full of flavour. I think that’s what Il Lido’s tagline should be, full of flavour. This contrasts most Italian restaurants in Perth with their huge servings but lacklustre flavour (see Quick Treat: It is what it is). At Il Lido the servings are a lot smaller including their salads. Sami ordered the poached chicken salad and the plate was underwhelming. Full of flavour but lacked foliage, it could have done with a few extra handfuls of rocket. Sitting outside, hearing the birds chirping and watching the sun set, Il Lido definitely has one of the best café views in Perth. I can’t wait to go back there to try the breakfast. So Il Lido has officially taken the title for my café of the month. The Tuck Shop is closed till January 22 so that explains my need to branch out. Keep following my Cottesloe treats, next up is Vans Café.


The zucchini and mushroom crispelle.

The zucchini and mushroom crispelle.

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  1. Nice write up – are you on Twitter?

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