Treat 57: Coffee art

Today I achieved what I thought was impossible….run 5ks. You see I’ve always thought of myself as a short distance runner. A sprinter some would say as I run to trains and 75% off signs. My speciality back in my primary school days was 100 metres. I peaked as an athlete at the age of 12. Besides running cross country (1500 metres) this body did not run multiple kilometres. The exception…throw coloured chalk at me and I will run. So on this Colour Run Sunday after being dowsed in blue, pink, orange and yellow chalk and running 5ks it was time to reward myself with brunch. At my friend Fran’s recommendation, Kinky Lizard Espresso Bar in East Perth was the lucky café to have our rainbow presence. We weren’t the only colour runners dining there so we didn’t feel too out of place. First on order was a coffee to get the energy that I lost running. We were blown away by the cute coffee art. Our flat white and latte order was a cute mamma and baby pair (see below). We were so excited by the coffee art that we bought another round of coffees even though we were already buzzing with adrenalin and caffeine. Now to the food to fuel this athletic body. I was impressed with the all day breakfast offerings…not good for an indecisive person like me. BUT I was starving so for the first time I made a quick decision…the bacon hock rosti caught my eye. I love a rosti. One of my first rosti memories was in the native country of rostis…Switzerland where this particular café charged $5 Australian dollars for tap water. Till this day I am holding a grudge against the country of Switzerland. I also read the book, Wolf of Wall Street and it also made me angry against Swiss banks so there’s a double whammy grudge against this neutral nation. One of the Swiss banks let Jordan Belfort, this millionaire stockbroker swindle millions of dollars. He ended up going to jail for it but that’s not the point. Out of the two, I’m angrier paying for tap water. That should be a crime. Ok rant over. Let’s talk food. My meal was jam packed with truss tomatoes, asparagus, avocado, poached egg and spinach to accompany my delicious bacon hock rosti. If only pictures could talk, it would say ‘I am so delicious. Please order me again’. The potato rosti was full of flavour and all the elements on my plate were brekky favourites. If I could have a plate of all my favourite brekky items this would be it. The portion of tomatoes and avocado were especially generous. There were so many items on the menu that I would order but I have a feeling I’d order the rosti again. I tell you when I like something I stick to it. Everyone at the café was so friendly and welcoming that I can’t wait to go back and support them. When there is good service in Perth, you take notice of it because it’s quite rare to find. So thanks Kinky Lizard for having a cool café name and awesome coffee art. Welcome to my FBL (frequent brunching list).


Momma and baby bear

Momma and baby bear

It's a masterpiece...poached egg, bacon hock rosti, truss tomato and asparagus.

It’s a masterpiece…poached egg, bacon hock rosti, truss tomato and asparagus.


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