Treat 59: Part of this world

My favourite Disney movie of all time is The Little Mermaid and my favourite song from that movie is ‘Part of this World.’ I can relate to Ariel because we both have strict fathers. Though Ariel thinks, ‘Betcha on land they don’t reprimand their daughters’, I’m pretty sure my dad is stricter than hers. I didn’t get married off at 16. Like Ariel I am very close to my dad. On the weekends we usually go out to eat somewhere to give mum a break. If I didn’t take the initiative we’d be eating at the same places each week, namely Hungry Jacks or Odin Tavern (see treat 55). My dad loves to go to restaurants with a view but this usually comes at a cost. Case in point is my dad’s experience at the recently opened Kailis Brothers Café in Trigg where the tiny fish and large serve of mashed potato was not warmly received. Till this day dad complains about that mashed potato. He makes a good point; you are paying over $30 for the fish and not the potato. So I decided to take a risk and take my dad, mum, sister and brother to The Partisan in East Perth overlooking the Swan River. I had a $50 voucher that expired that day so it was now or never. The Partisan won the 2011 best new restaurant in The West’s Good Food Guide so I had high hopes. The service was great and we were quickly greeted and seated. The menu had quite a few different lunch options from your humble croques (French style toasted sandwich) to your fancier fish of the day, larder board, moules marinare and pommes frites (mussels and chips) and pasta of the day. My dad and I both chose the fettucine with garlic, chilli, prawns and crispy pancetta. I love simple flavour combinations with garlic and chilli being my all-time favourite. For this dish my dad thought it could have more chilli. Unfortunately, he didn’t notice the chilli plant behind him till after the meal was over. Without doubt my dad would have grabbed a few chillies to eat with his meal. Otherwise he is usually prepared and would pull out his chillies from his Mary Poppins pocket (see treat 55). The crispy pancetta added the crunch this pasta dish needed. Though it wasn’t my favourite seafood pasta, (Must Wine Bar’s crab angel hair pasta still wins) it did pack a lot of flavour and I would recommend this dish to my fellow seafood pasta lovers. However, it was only pasta of the day so if you have to get lucky on the day you go. My mum and sister were happy with their barramundi, roasted potato and broccoli dish. This was fish of the day so don’t always go to The Partisan expecting it. Both their plates were scraped clean so it looked like they enjoyed it. My brother as always likes to be different and there was no mistaking the variety from the Larder Board. This included a rabbit & rosemary terrine, chorizo sausage, shaved prosciutto, fennel & caraway marinated olives, danish fetta and charred ciabatta. My sister loved the danish fetta but she has a soft spot for cheese. My dad and I hogged the olives. Mum let my brother be. Luckily we ordered mussels and chips to share otherwise he wouldn’t have much to eat. It does explain why he ordered crepes at Toast after. The chips were forgettable and the mussels were quite small. Not the most filling dish. I probably would not order again as I’ve had better mussels at the Belgium Beer Café for a similar price and larger serving. Overall, The Partisan was a special outing for the family with beautiful East Perth views and equally beautiful looking food. No it’s not a place like my family would frequent often but it is a wonderful restaurant for special occasions. My parents had a wonderful day celebrating their 32nd anniversary with their children and the scenic surroundings of East Perth was a nice change from mum being in the kitchen on her anniversary. So here is where I get all mushy in my blog. Despite growing up with a strict dad, I am very blessed to be close to both my parents and spend quality moments where I get to spoil them instead of me being the spoiled one. Congratulations mum and dad on 32 years of wonderful memories.


Fish of the day...barramundi.

Fish of the day…barramundi.

The crispy pancetta makes this dish.

The crispy pancetta makes this dish.

I would have liked a bigger serving.

I would have liked a bigger serving.

Oh brother! Another random choice from brother dearest (not a bad one - I enjoyed the olives).

Oh brother! Another random choice from brother dearest (not a bad one – I enjoyed the olives).

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