Quick Treat: A few hours in Freo

This treat won’t be packed with South of the river jokes. Scout’s honour. Except I was never in the scouts and I can’t help myself. Talking to my friend Fran, who had never stepped foot into tourist favourite Little Creatures, Fremantle is very much still a day trip. You don’t pop over there just for lunch. Well that’s just lies. Because you can and I am living proof that the drive to Freo is worth the couple hours you spend there. You don’t have to spend all day there. Just lunch. So that’s we did at Ootong Lincoln. We missed the breakfast menu by half hour (I underestimated the time it would take me to get to Freo…sorry I told you I couldn’t help it). I was impressed that the breakky menu lasts till 1.00pm. I like Freo’s laid back style where breakfast and lunch menus co-exist together. I ordered the ‘Asian salad’ as the waiter described it when he gave it to me. In his defence I couldn’t pronounce it either. Crispy bean sprouts, fresh capscicum and a small portion of chicken was combined with a refreshing Thai fish sauce dressing. Sweet, sour and delicious. My sister’s frittata was gluten free and vegetable packed. Did she like it? Well she finished it. But I couldn’t tell from her poker face if she was in love with it. Now the salted caramel macaron or coloured biscuit as she likes to call it was a hit. We demolished them in no time. My friend Kirsty had the salads and wasn’t overly impressed. The couscous salad was bland with the large corn pearls absorbing any form of dressing. The rocket and pomegranate salad was enjoyable but it didn’t hit the ball out of the park. I talk baseball because my friend Erin at work is heading on an amazing six week trip that includes a baseball game in New York. We spent many a minute on wikepedia figuring out how long the game goes for. So the salads weren’t amazing but it just proves my point. You don’t make friends with salad. I’m definately more brunch than lunch so I’ll be back at Ootong Lincoln before 1pm for their breakfast menu. P.S. Love the vintage bikes and jar lighting. Makes bric and brac from the verge look cool. Screams Freo. Actually I should say screams South Freo. Yes I admit I got lost finding south Freo. I can’t wait to spend a few more hours (no day trip necessary) there.


Pumpkin arancini with the peski couscous salad.

Pumpkin arancini with the peski couscous salad.

Vegetable packed frittata

Vegetable packed frittata

Asian salad....I loved the dressing.

Asian salad….I loved the dressing.

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