Treat 65: Not my typical café

So I branched out to a new café in Claremont that has its own coffee roaster. Apparently the machine is worth over $800,000. It better be good coffee then. Don’t worry it is. Typika is not a typical café I would frequent. I’m never in the Claremont area. Too much temptation to buy expensive items I don’t need. Plus I’m a bargain hunter…expensive is not for me. What is the difference between Typika and my other favourite cafes (Tuck Shop and Sayers)? Space. Typika has almost a warehouse feel to it. Though I did have to wait 5 minutes before getting seated. I blame the newness factor. New in Perth means everybody has to go there. I had the same problem at the Stables Bar in the CBD. Perth people flock to new places. I am guilty of this. So what can you expect at Typika? It has a comprehensive breakfast menu that you can order till 3pm on weekends. Brownie points right there. Then lunch is designed to share. I can’t wait to back there for the ribs. I’ve heard it’s sticky sweet amazingness. Today I opted to take advantage of the breakky menu at 1.30pm. Poached eggs over a bed of spicy slow cooked beef served with a harissa hollandaise. I savoured every bite. The beef was tender. The poached eggs were perfectly cooked. Yolky goodness oozed onto the beef and cape seed bread. Minor criticism…more spice please. Thank you Thailand holiday for improving my spice tolerance levels. If this dish is a reflection of the rest of the menu…then I can’t wait to go back again. I’ve also had the kale juice there. It is what it is…health in a cup. Yumminess is optional. You must get a coffee. Just be warned ordering a coffee in a take away cup while dining in proved difficult. Actually impossible. Despite a couple service mishaps, the wait-staff were generally patient and considerate. Get out of your comfort zone and make the trek down Stirling Highway to enjoy the fantastic coffee and food options that are typical of Typika.




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