Treat 66: Because you had a bad day…

I really wanted to like this place. I really did. But all I feel is disappointment and hunger. My first visit to No 4 Blake street was more successful. Good coffee and I enjoyed the banana bread. Though disappointed that at 11am I couldn’t get the brownie as they hadn’t made it yet. The menu said it was available. Now I still don’t know what homemade aero tastes like. I still liked the cafe enough to suggest to my culinary adventurous friends from my European travels to join me there for an overdue catch up. How I wish I did not spearhead this decision. Firstly, the coffee was undrinkable. It was so bitter that I thought my glass still had detergent remains from the dishwasher. I barely had a quarter before giving up. My friend Daniele also didn’t enjoy his coffee. The tea however was a hit with both Kirsty and Krystle, which helped keep them warm on this blistery cold winters day. So if the coffee was bad, how about the food? The disappointment sadly continued. I ordered the chakchouka after having a very positive experience at Boucla in Subiaco. Boucla’s chakchouka had intense flavour. Chunky tomato pieces made it easy to pick up with bread. The egg was baked to perfection, the white was dense and the yolk gooey. For $14 it was great value.The Blake version was the complete opposite. It was not cooked properly. The egg whites were clear and runny. Only two tiny pieces of olive bread were provided to dip into the small clay pot. The intense tomato flavour was missing. The red peppers were few and far between. It lacked the kick that made Boucla’s chakchouka soar. In fairness Daniele who also ordered the chakchouka had better looking whites. The fact he left most of it in the clay pot is not a good sign. For $18 I wished I suggested Boucla in the first place. I was left hungry and popped down the road to Hobart Street Deli for my coffee fix. Sorry it doesn’t end there. Kirsty’s sourdough bread was either stale or not properly toasted. In other words it was inedible. On a positive note her poached eggs were perfect. Krystle also ordered the poached eggs but on gluten free bread. Her side of avocado never came. Getting the waitstaffs’ attention was near impossible. I think they forget the section up the stairs. Everytime we tried to wave them down they had quickly turned their backs down the stairs to the kitchen. So the service was also a let down. If you see a table with most of their plates with food remains and cups with undrunk coffee…that should be a sign in itself that the party is not happy. We tried to complain in the end but the waitstaff serving us wasn’t very receptive. All in all it was a letdown from start to finish. I’m hoping Blakes was having a bad day because I’ve heard great things from quite a few people. I just checked their website and they have taken the week off. Me thinks it’s good timing to get the staff refreshed. Hopefully the food improves, perhaps a good opporunity to clean the coffee machine and next time I look forward to seeing service with a smile. Otherwise go to Boucla instead for chakchouka that won’t let you down. And yes…I like to say chakchouka.

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