Treat 68: It’s all about the ribs

I am going to make a sweeping claim today. I have found the best ribs in Sydney. Ok not as bold as saying the best in the world. Though I did say Vue de Monde in Melbourne was the best meal in my whole life in the whole world (See Treat 50) So where are the best ribs in Sydney? After 3 years of walking by Ms G’s my friend Bron kindly waited till I moved to Sydney to venture there. The wait was worth it. We were there early so no waiting for us (another restaurant with a no booking policy). Ms G’s offers funky modern Asian food (that was the description from its website). I mean hello corn on the cob? I decided to road test the corn. Why? Well Mamasita in Melbourne (see Quick Treat: I’m Corny)have a signature corn and its delicious. I wanted to see what Dan Hong’s kitchen do. It was wonderful. Parmesan encrusted, graced with lime and a hint of spicy sauce. I couldn’t wipe the smile or sauce off my face. Better than Mamasita’s corn on the cob? In my humble opinion…yes. The menu at Ms G’s is designed to share. Keeping in mind we were having desert no matter what…we ordered with caution. As you may know I have a tendency to over order (see Treat 12) We enjoyed the following dishes:

-Malaysian style butter prawns, curry leaf chilli, lime
-Purple kale stirfry
-Jow’s sweet & sour lamb ribs

Prawns were brought out first and we couldn’t wait for the other dishes so off we went. It was a great start. Crunchy…tick. Flavour…tick. Nice hint of spice…tick. At this stage it was winning but then came along the ribs and blew the prawns out of the water. The ribs were sticky deliciousness that I happily devoured. Now lamb ribs is always risky because most of the time you get more fat than meat. I experienced this recently when I accidentally ordered a full lamb rack, inspired by memories of Ms G’s lamb ribs. It was not the same. I still dream about Ms G’s lamb ribs and when I will be reunited with them. Sigh. Ok I’m back…yes so if I haven’t mentioned it already, do yourself a favour and get the lamb ribs. The purple kale was a pleasant addition. I still haven’t conquered cooking kale…my attempts have been futile. I know it’s good for you but it taste better when there’s bad things for you on it. This dish also gets a tick and I am now going to attempt a kale stir fry drowned in soy sauce and garlic (there are probably more complex flavours than that in Ms G’s dish but I am simplifying it for a single working girl’s kitchen…ok also add chilli for some heat). Last but not least…the creme de la creme…Stoner’s Delight. Yep that’s the name of the dessert. What is in a Stoner’s Delight you ask? Are you ready for it? It includes…doughnut ice cream, peanut butter, raspberry jam, candied bacon, potato chips, mars bar slice, banana fritter. What does it taste like? Perhaps an Elvis Presley scale heart attack. Aka amazingness on a plate. The doughnut ice cream had the right hint of cinnamon that ensured the ice cream hit the brief. Peanut butter desserts…oh how I love you. This made the dessert an automatic winner. The candied bacon…while weird actually gave the dish a nice crunch. The banana fritter was reminiscent to those you get at Chinese restaurants but without the oily remains. It had crunch, it had banana goodness and you don’t need to be a stoner to enjoy this dessert. You just need to be human. I love Ms G’s. Can you tell? Two words for you…go there.


Ms G's corn on the cob is better than Mamasitas...there I said it.

Ms G’s corn on the cob is better than Mamasitas…there I said it.

Best ribs in Sydney!

Best ribs in Sydney!

Human delight!

Human delight!

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