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Quick Treat: I do not pay $18 for a burrito

The title of this treat says it all. At the moment Perth is going through a Mexican phase. There is a flood of Mexican influenced franchises popping around Perth including Zambreros, Mad Mex and the newbie Guzman y Gomez that hails from the East Coast. These places are quite reasonably priced but then again they are no Taco Bell 99 cent menu. Gosh I miss my USA college days where Taco Bell was a staple. There is a reason why Taco Bell isn’t in Australia. I learnt that in one of my early law classes. It’s similar to why Hungry Jacks is not Burger King in Australia…someone else has bought the naming rights. That’s your fun fact for the day. So unfortunately for expensive Perth the 99 cent menu does not exist. While cheaper franchise Mexican restaurants pop up in Perth there are also the expensive ones where a burrito, which is your stock standard wrap with rice, beans and salsa could cost you more than $18. Let’s face it; a burrito is just a glorified sandwich. It doesn’t require chef training. Last time I checked rice was one of the cheapest staples going around and beans don’t carry caviar prices. So I question why the Flying Taco in North Perth has $18 burritos. Apparently they taste great but I ask this fundamental question…do they taste better than the $12 burritos you can get at the franchise outlets. Could you go to Coles and make something similar and feed a family of 4? I’ll put my money where my mouth is. Watch out for the $18 feed a family of four burrito challenge in an upcoming treat. Now as we all know I don’t wait in line so I missed out on a free burrito on Guzman y Gomez’s opening day. I did venture there a couple days later and was impressed by the industrial interior design, which screams Melbourne. The menu is quite extensive and I was so happy to see 2 tacos for $8. Guzman’s neighbour, La Cholita charges $5 for one taco and they are tiny. You definitely get bang for your buck at Guzman. The tacos are full to the brim with filling and flavour. I recommend the steak chipotle. The next time I went there I tried the barramundi burrito for something different. I tried to healthify my burrito with brown rice and whole wheat. It costs $2 extra to go healthy so my burrito was edging to $18 but still only $13. The $5 breathing room counts, that’s sixteen 30 cent cones you could buy instead. The burrito would benefit from chilli sauce, I like it hot. I won’t use the dreaded B word (bland) but it was borderline. Let’s face it, the brown rice probably didn’t help it. While the Mexican phase continues to sweep Perth and Australia at large, we still have a lot to learn about this cuisine from our good friends in the USA. Mexican food shouldn’t be expensive to be tasty. I hope one day one of the USA chains; Taco Bell, Chipotle or Qdoba makes its way to Australia’s sunny shores so that our wallets can be heavier and our mouths burn on fire with flavour.

Disclaimer: Sorry for not taking any photos. Both times I went to Guzman y Gomez I was starving.

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Treat 17: Road Trip

This next treat is a journey down south for the first annual Myer girls trip (though none of us have worked at Myer for years now the title remains). Over the Labour Day weekend we planned adventurous activities including wining and dining. How many three course meals can you pack over three days was the challenge that we chose to accept. The drive down we bypassed Bunbury and headed straight to Margaret River. First stop for us starving souls was Providore. We bypassed all the samples and went straight to the back restaurant area. The food did not disappoint. I had my first rack of meat (one of many on this trip). The meat was cooked the way I like medium rare and was accompanied with an organic ratatouille, sweet potato and rocket. Now I cannot talk about ratatouille without mentioning my mum’s recent amazing transformation of this dish. What I love about her cooking is her clever use of spices and this ratatouille packed an amazing flavour punch. Providore’s version was on the weaker side and had more crunch than your standard ratatouille. My French Uncle Joe also makes a lovely ratatouille, quite possibly the only French dish he has mastered in his 20 years living there (don’t tell him I said that). As a store Providore really captured the inner gourmet in me as I tasted all the jams till I was so jammed out I didn’t feel like buying any. I did buy the dukkah and garlic infused olive oil, which proved a hit with the parents. The only complaint about the dukkah was from my mum who found it too course. I was lucky to have a taste of my friend Nush’s pan fried gnocchi, which was so delicious I wish the serve was bigger (so I could have more). They made a mistake with my friend Kirsty by giving her the gnocchi instead of the crispy barramundi but they were more than apologetic. They gave her complimentary bread and a muffin to make up for it. It’s nice when a restaurant makes an effort in their apology rather than a lame roll your eyes apology. At Providore they really meant it. Plus that crispy barramundi was very special and as always perfectly matched with a fennel salad. Combining seafood and fennel together is converting a lot of fennel naysayers out there. This down south trip was off to a delicious start. For dessert we stopped off at Providore’s neighbour, Margaret River Chocolate Factory where we devoured the samples (milk, dark and white) and went even further by enjoying truffles and mochas (with real chocolate not powder). After all this it felt like coma by chocolate. Now that Margaret River Chocolate Factory has opened up in Perth CBD I’m not sure how to feel. The novelty of this tourist attraction in a way has worn off because now it is accessible while before you had to trek out to Swan Valley or Margaret River for it. I may change my mind once I actually visit the Perth store. I can’t stop there another delicious meal was at Must Winebar where we made the rookie mistake of having red wine with our seafood dishes. We didn’t think it was a big deal but the next day when visiting the Woodlands winery (that’s how much we loved the drop) other Must diners (2 American couples) had the same idea and laughed at the fact we had done this. Well sorry I didn’t know what tannins were till I googled it. Margaret River is a small place turns out the American couples were staying at the same resort as us. But I will stop wasting negative energy on this blog and go back to what it’s all about, the food. So I ummed and ahhed at what I should order at Must. It was between the special of the day, Marron or the Must signature, angel hair pasta with blue manna crab. The Must signature won me over (actually crab pasta won me over this weekend). Yes a common theme in my treats is the combination of garlic and chilli with seafood pasta. It truly is a winning combination. I seriously think I could be a millionaire by releasing a perfume, Aroma de resistance EDT and it will have notes of garlic and chilli. I might run it past David and Victoria Beckham for their next perfume line. Back to the food, my friends Nush and Kirst ordered the marron and it was served beautifully in the shell. From the mouthful I had it was delicious. We moved on to dessert where our good friend chocolate made an appearance. I think by that stage we forgot about the afternoon food coma. I really enjoyed Must, the service was brilliant and the discount from the Entertainment card ($70 off) a pleasant surprise. I am looking forward to dining at Must again and again even it is simply for a cheeseboard with the quince paste. The unofficial French in me comes out. Luckily I don’t have to venture out to Margaret River each time and go to the Mt Lawley Must for this fun adventure. I have more treats from this Road Trip but I will save it for another read. I bet you are now craving chocolate after reading this…or is it just me.


I love crab pasta…and anything with garlic and chilli.

How good does that marron look? Amazing and delicious…got to love the produce from WA.

You can never have too much chocolate (disclaimer: though you may feel a bit sleepy after the Margaret River chocolate mocha)

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