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Quick Treat: I do not pay $18 for a burrito

The title of this treat says it all. At the moment Perth is going through a Mexican phase. There is a flood of Mexican influenced franchises popping around Perth including Zambreros, Mad Mex and the newbie Guzman y Gomez that hails from the East Coast. These places are quite reasonably priced but then again they are no Taco Bell 99 cent menu. Gosh I miss my USA college days where Taco Bell was a staple. There is a reason why Taco Bell isn’t in Australia. I learnt that in one of my early law classes. It’s similar to why Hungry Jacks is not Burger King in Australia…someone else has bought the naming rights. That’s your fun fact for the day. So unfortunately for expensive Perth the 99 cent menu does not exist. While cheaper franchise Mexican restaurants pop up in Perth there are also the expensive ones where a burrito, which is your stock standard wrap with rice, beans and salsa could cost you more than $18. Let’s face it; a burrito is just a glorified sandwich. It doesn’t require chef training. Last time I checked rice was one of the cheapest staples going around and beans don’t carry caviar prices. So I question why the Flying Taco in North Perth has $18 burritos. Apparently they taste great but I ask this fundamental question…do they taste better than the $12 burritos you can get at the franchise outlets. Could you go to Coles and make something similar and feed a family of 4? I’ll put my money where my mouth is. Watch out for the $18 feed a family of four burrito challenge in an upcoming treat. Now as we all know I don’t wait in line so I missed out on a free burrito on Guzman y Gomez’s opening day. I did venture there a couple days later and was impressed by the industrial interior design, which screams Melbourne. The menu is quite extensive and I was so happy to see 2 tacos for $8. Guzman’s neighbour, La Cholita charges $5 for one taco and they are tiny. You definitely get bang for your buck at Guzman. The tacos are full to the brim with filling and flavour. I recommend the steak chipotle. The next time I went there I tried the barramundi burrito for something different. I tried to healthify my burrito with brown rice and whole wheat. It costs $2 extra to go healthy so my burrito was edging to $18 but still only $13. The $5 breathing room counts, that’s sixteen 30 cent cones you could buy instead. The burrito would benefit from chilli sauce, I like it hot. I won’t use the dreaded B word (bland) but it was borderline. Let’s face it, the brown rice probably didn’t help it. While the Mexican phase continues to sweep Perth and Australia at large, we still have a lot to learn about this cuisine from our good friends in the USA. Mexican food shouldn’t be expensive to be tasty. I hope one day one of the USA chains; Taco Bell, Chipotle or Qdoba makes its way to Australia’s sunny shores so that our wallets can be heavier and our mouths burn on fire with flavour.

Disclaimer: Sorry for not taking any photos. Both times I went to Guzman y Gomez I was starving.

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Treat 34: Talkin’ bout a revolution

Before you think my head is stuck in the 90s (well I’m not going to argue with you I do quote Friends in high frequency) I don’t mind me Tracy Chapman and this song I think represents the revival of William Street. I have already treated about my increasing visits to catch up with William (the street not the Prince) to eat waffles and drink coffee (see Treat 28). Today I caught up with a couple friends bright and early before work at Little Willy’s for breakfast and the much needed coffee especially as I am not a morning person. Today I will test your psychic abilities…what do you think I ordered. If your answer was poached eggs you would normally be right but not today disco lady (or man) as today I took the road less travelled and ordered a breakfast burrito. This healthy option of scrambled eggs, mushroom, spinach and corn salsa was tasty and filling. I only stomached half the wrap and took the remaining in a doggy bag for morning tea. The only criticism is that I wish the burrito had more relish because I found it a little bit dry. My friend Nush ordered the bircher muesli and was very impressed with the fruit offering of rhubarb and grated apple. This has inspired her to make her own bircher muesli and knowing Nush’s cooking her version will taste amazing if not better than Little Willy’s. Thanks Nush for the instagram photo. I might have to ask my neighbour’s nine year old granddaughter to teach me how to use it. She taught me how to use Face Time the other day. I know she puts me to shame. Kids these days are to techonology advanced for me. One of the manager’s at work brought their three year old in and I excitedly printed out Dora colouring in only to be upstaged by an iPad. I digress, back to treating about Little Willy’s. I was excited to see Little Willy’s offers Fiori Coffee and my cappucino gave me the caffeine hit I needed to wake up. This chic little cafe has cute little booths, fancy mint and lemon infused water and there are copies of the newspaper for your reading enjoyment. It’s these little extra touches that make Little Willy’s a fantastic addition to the William Street stip. The Northbridge revolution continues with the growing number of cafes replacing bodycon dresses for poached eggs instead.


Say hola to a breakfast burrito (instead of poached eggs).

Instagram really does make photos look better. This is the Bircher muesli Nush ordered and instagrammed. It’s on the to do list for me to learn.

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