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Treat 62: My favourite Canadian is Celine Dion

I thought I’d dedicate this treat to my favourite Canuck, Celine Dion. Though she has ignored me both times I tried to visit her in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace, I choose to forgive her. Why? Have you not heard her Falling into You album? ‘Because of you’ remains one of my favourite songs. ‘The Power of Love’ is a classic. Who could forget Titanic’s ‘My Heart will go on’? Now before this treat becomes an ode to Celine I will move on to a new restaurant to grace the suburb of Inglewood. There is a connection as Miss Kitty’s Saloon has strong Canadian and North American western influences. Think cowboy and Indians. The first time I discovered this place I was actually visiting it’s across the road neighbour, Il Pasto. As I stumbled in I quickly realised this was not an Italian restaurant. I said to myself that I’d come back to check this place out. So one day I said to my friend Patrick ‘what do you say to takin’ chances’ and giving this new place a go? He was initially quickly impressed. I love to impress my friends with new places, especially the hard to please Fran (See Treat 32: Lola you’ve got me on my knees Lola). The awesome décor with the beer barrel at the entrance; quirky chairs and tables; and eclectic bibs and bobs live up to the saloon name. There was a great selection of music from the glory days. Unfortunately to Patrick’s chagrin, I didn’t know many of them until he spelled it out for me. The hostess was very helpful and when we asked if we could be moved to a more comfortable table she happily obliged. Now to the food, which we really hoped would live up to everything else. This is where it came unstuck. Did we choose the wrong food? Did we over order? I will answer these questions shortly. The beef chilli on corn waffle with avocado butter was lacklustre. There was no heat. I asked the waitress for Tabasco sauce that never came. There was no chilli in this beef chilli. In fact there was no flavour. I wanted to like it I really did but the waffle it came with made it worse. It was not off to a good start. The grilled local octopus with smoky eggplant, roasted cauliflower and jalapeno salt for $18.80 was overpriced for the portion size. Give me the octopus salad at Inglewood-favourite Estia’s Greek restaurant any day (see Treat 58: Anything you can do…I can do better). The octopus itself was flavoursome and grilled to perfection. There was just not enough of it. The fried pickles with house cured ham and spiced mayo was a highlight. However, I am embarrassed to admit but the fried pickles at Hooters are better. Fun fact there is a Hooters in Parramatta (New South Wales). The only reason why I know this is my friend from the USA who now lives in Sydney goes there when she’s homesick. I think it was because Miss Kitty’s used good quality pickles compared to the cheaper ones normally found in cheeseburgers fried at Hooters. What can I say, the USA do junk food better. It’s hard to make fried food fancy. However, I do think Merrywell (see Treat 27: Born in the USA ) has done a great job and is better proportionated in price. Again Perth portion sizes disappoint with Miss Kitty only providing a few pickles to share. If you were in a group of four you might need two serves. I’m assuming with Crown Perth’s backing, the economies of scale allow the Merrywell to have a lower price point. Quality in Perth does not come cheap so I understand why the prices and portion sizes at Miss Kitty’s are the way they are. Any of the Northern American themed restaurants in Perth don’t replicate the low prices and big portions that you find in this region. Instead you have Perth’s higher prices for smaller portions. That’s just a reality we have become used to. From here the meal took a turn for the better. The poutine, which is the Canadian way of saying chips and gravy, was delicious. Add curds (just like the ones Miss Muffet ate with her whey), it was simple and delicious. Chips and gravy take me back to my childhood swimming lessons at Beatty Park. Till this day the best chips and gravy of my life. Unfortunately the café is being renovated so on the rare occasion I’m down at Beatty Park doing laps (at least once a year I go on a health kick) I really miss them (even though they defeat the purpose of what I’m there for). The final dish that was placed down was the roast suckling pig with a tomato relish that wasn’t really needed. It was at this point we realised we over-ordered. If only the food came all at once then we would have eaten more of the delectable pork. It really was melt-in-your mouth pig meat. The crackling did exactly what it was meant to do. Crunch! There were hits and misses but like Celine Dion once said, this place will go on. I definitely will give Miss Kitty’s brunch a go. Otherwise I’d be happy to pretend I was in Canada, drinking my Brooklyn brewski and quoting How I Met your Mother Canadian jokes or singing my praises about Celine Dion (warning I might actually sing her tunes because those lyrics I know). Maybe I got them on a wrong day as Miss Kitty’s Saloon is still relatively new. I’ll wait till a new day has come and give this Canadian/USA inspired restaurant/bar another chance.

The dark interior does not allow for quality iPhone 3 photos so unfortunately there are no food shots. So here is a photo of my favourite Canadian instead.


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